Pitha Utshab

Event Name Pitha Utshab
Start Date 23rd Sep 2017 2:00pm
End Date 23rd Sep 2017 10:00pm
Duration 8 hours

The Bengali Pitha Utshab is a traditional event in Bangladeshi culture. It's a very popular event and Bangladeshi people celebrate this event in the winter season. The day is a popular Celebration of the whole of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India, where the regional people are connected.

It is a special celebration all over the world, wherever Bangladeshis live. The Bangladesh Australia Society of South Australia (BASSA) celebrates Pitha Utshab every year, and serves as a gateway of information for the growing Bangladeshi community in South Australia. Through this event, the society continues to inspire our younger generation to understand our lifestyle and values, which will help them to settle in this diverse multicultural society.

Contact: Shahid Ullah / General Secretary / Bangladesh Australia Society of South Australia /  0422344794 / email

Further information: Bangladesh Australia Society of South Australia website

Where: Rostrevor Baptist Church Inc, 288 Montacute Road, Rostrevor