Constitution Day ‑ Spain

Event Name Constitution Day - Spain
Start Date 6th Dec 2018 12:00am

The Spanish Constitution of 1978 is the current supreme law of the Kingdom of Spain. It was enacted after the country's 1978 constitutional referendum and is a furtherance of the Spanish transition to democracy. The Spanish Constitution of 1978 was preceded by numerous other constitutions.

The Constitution was originally ratified after a referendum on 6 December 1978 and was signed by King Juan Carlos on 27 December 1978. The signing of the Constitution marked the culmination of the Spanish transition to democracy after the death of the former Head of State, Francisco Franco, in 1975. This led to the country undergoing a series of political and historical changes that transformed the Francoist regime into a democratic state. The Constitution states that the King of Spain is the head of state. However, the king's function is merely symbolic and does not have any executive power.

Source: Wikipedia