Haitian Independence Day

Event Name Haitian Independence Day
Start Date 1st Jan 2019 12:00am

The people of Haiti celebrate both New Year's Day and Independence Day on January 1, the day on which they declared their independence from the French in 1804. Thousands of people assemble in the capital city of Port-au-Prince to see the parades and to visit the National Palace on the Champs de Mars. They set off fireworks, dance in the streets, and sing the national anthem, which honors their founder, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the hero of the anti-French revolt.

According to Haitian custom, whatever happens to someone on January 1 is indicative of what will happen to them during the coming year, motivating even the poorest people to make an effort to put on new clothes, to visit their friends, and to give and receive gifts in the hope that these efforts will be rewarded in the coming year.