Birthday of Ti‑tsang P'usa ‑ Chinese, Buddhist

Event Name Birthday of Ti-tsang P'usa - Chinese, Buddhist
Start Date 30th Jul 2019 12:00am

Ti Tsang P'usa is an extremely popular Bodhisattva among the Chinese and Japanese Buddhists. 'Ti Tsang', meaning 'Earth-Store' is a direct translation of the Bodhisattva's name KSITIGARBHA in Sanskrit. Among the countless Bodhisattvas in the universe, he and three others have firmly captured the hearts of the Mahayanists. These four main P'usas or Bodhisattvas are depicted in the Chinese Buddhist Pantheon and they represent four basic great qualities:

KUAN SHIH YIN as Great Compassion;
WEN SHU as Great Wisdom;
PU HSIEN as Great Love and Perfect Activity;
TI TSANG as Great Vow to help and to deliver all beings.

Source: Buddhist Studies