St Casimir’s Day ‑ Lithuania and Poland

Event Name St Casimir’s Day - Lithuania and Poland
Start Date 4th Mar 2019 12:00am

Saint Casimir Jagiellon (October 3, 1458 – March 4, 1484) was a prince of the Kingdom of Poland and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He was well-educated by Jan Długosz, a conservative Polish priest. After his elder brother Vladislaus was elected as King of Bohemia, Casimir became the heir apparent. However, he showed little affinity to politics and became known for his piousness, devotion to God, and generosity towards the sick and poor. He became ill (most likely with tuberculosis) and died at the age of 25. His canonisation was initiated by his brother Sigismund I the Old after Casimir was attributed the miracle at the Siege of Polotsk (1518). He was canonised and became a patron saint of Lithuania, Poland, and youth. In Vilnius, his feast day is marked annually with Kaziuko mugė (a trade fair) held on the Sunday nearest to March 4, the anniversary of his death.

Source: Wikipedia