Nisf Sha ban (Feast of Repentence) ‑ Islamic

Event Name Nisf Sha ban (Feast of Repentence) - Islamic
Start Date 22nd May 2017 12:00am
End Date
Duration N/A

Nisf Sha'ban is the feast between Rajab (regarded as one of the sacred months in which battles were prohibited in the days of Muhammad) and the Ramadhan (the Muslim month of purification by self-reflection, fasting from sunrise to sunset, peacemaking, and helping those in need).

It is the period when the Prophet I (Peace be upon him) loved to fast. The month of Sha'ban is considered a great month. It is believed that it is during this month when Allah "turns with special mercy and attention towards creation and forgives those who repent and seek forgiveness."

Source: HighBeam Research