Lost In Translation

Event Name Lost In Translation
Start Date 17th Nov 2017 9:00am
End Date 17th Nov 2017 4:00pm
Duration 7 hours

The Fullah Friends of SA, in partnership with the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia (MCCSA), the African Communities Council of South Australia (ACCSA) and South Australia’s diverse ethnic speaking communities will be hosting the ‘Lost in Translation’ language  conference in Adelaide.

The aim of the conference is to bring different communities together to discuss the importance of language and culture in our adopted country. It will also provide participants the opportunity to workshop how we can address the challenges posed by the misconception of our thoughts and actions by others in our community.

What is acceptable and normal to someone can easily be misinterpreted leading to a negative chain reaction. We believe that having a dialogue around some of these issues will go a long way in improving community relations.

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Where: The Cypriot Club Community Centre, 8 Barrpowell Street, Welland