National Day ‑ Austria

Event Name National Day - Austria
Start Date 26th Oct 2019 12:00am

The celebration of October 26 as the Austrian National Day dates back to the birth of the 2nd Republic after WW II.

After the end of the War, Austria was occupied by the four Allied forces (Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, and France), who divided the country into four zones. An Austrian government was democratically elected with the consent of the Allied forces, but every legislative regulation or political action still required their consent.

The negotiations over a State Treaty putting an end to this occupation could finally be concluded in the spring of 1955: the Austrian State Treaty was signed on 15 May 1955 in Vienna's SchloƟ Belvedere and entered into force on July 27, 1955.

October 26 marks the day that followed the day on which the last remaining foreign troops left Austrian territory; therefore, October 26 is de facto the first day on which Austria had regained its status as an independent and sovereign state.

Source: Austrian Embassy Washington