Dozynki Polish Harvest Festival

Event Name Dozynki Polish Harvest Festival
Start Date 21st Oct 2018

The first Dozynki festival in Adelaide was in 1979 and has been honoured with the presence of Polish International artists ever since.

The word Dozynki means a celebration of harvest and the symbol of Dozynki is the Wieniec, [harvest wreath] which was presented to the landowner. This large wreath was made of a mixture of wheat and rye, sometimes one or the other. These grains were considered the most important. Crafted from the most beautiful ears of grain, the Dozynki wreath was made in the shape of a dome-shaped crown. It was decorated with flowers, ribbons, hazelnuts, and the fruit of the mountain ash tree.

This year's Festival will include many stage performances, with several singers, dancers and various performers and activities, including “pierogi” (eating and wheat sheaf tossing competitions), as well as cooking demonstrations by the first winners of Ch 7 My Kitchen Rules Polish sisters Sammy & Bella. There will be many food and variety stalls as well as Polish beers, vodka and children’s activities - something for everyone’s enjoyment!

Where: Polonia Reserve, Croydon Park

Cost: $15 entry, kids under 15 free

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