Fogolar Furlan 60th Anniversary

Event Name Fogolar Furlan 60th Anniversary
Start Date 21st Oct 2018
End Date 28th Oct 2018
Duration 8 days

This year, the Fogolar Furlan celebrates it's 60th anniversary with a week of festivities.

On Sunday October 21, Play like a Furlan!   Try the ancient Roman game of Mora, or learn to play card games like Briscola and Tresette. Throw a boccia ball like a pro. Inexpensive pasta lunch available. At 4.30pm, we will launch 'Un blec dal Friul' (a patch of Friuli), an interpretive display of the history of the Fogolar Furlan.

On Tuesday, from 6pm, a live broadcast from the Fogolar on Radio Italiana 531, and from 7pm, an opportunity to sample and learn to cook some of Friuli's culinary specialities.

On Wednesday evening, from 7pm, a salute to our artists, with an exhibition from members past and present.

On Thursday evening, a theatrical performance from Dino Persello marking the century since World War 1: 'Dovere o la Ragione' - The Duty or the Reason.

On Friday night, enjoy an evening of rustic bonhommie with some truly colourful characters - the Salami Boys - food and wine available for purchase.

On Saturday night, our Gala Anniversary Ball

On Sunday from 6pm, Una Serata in Osteria - join us for a night of fine food and music as the Fogolar Furlan Choir leads us in the songs of the region.

Contact: Fogolar Furlan 8337 2160

Where: Fogolar Furlan, 69 Briar Rd, Felixstow