Mind and Heart – What’s the Difference?

Event Name Mind and Heart – What’s the Difference?
Start Date 9th Sep 2017 10:00am
End Date 9th Sep 2017 4:00pm
Duration 6 hours

Kön Chog Chidü Long Life Empowerments and Teachings

We create obstacles in our precious human life when we lack tse [strength of life], le [karma] and sonam [merit]. We can repair our life’s strength by receiving the extraordinary blessings of the Long Life Empowerment; the antidote for premature and accidental death. His Eminence Dzogchen Rinpoche will grant the “Kön chog Chidü, Guru Rinpoche Long life” empowerment and will introduce us to how we can repair our lack of karma through animal liberation and how we can accumulate merit through making offerings to the three kayas and through generosity to all sentient beings.

In the afternoon session Dzogchen Rinpoche will further outline in detail how to recognise the difference between mind and heart by seeing everything as it is rather than judging, thus reconnecting to our true values and who we really are. This view, explained and realised through the authentic and ancient teaching of the Dzogchen Lineage, is of great benefit to our daily life even on a very practical level and brings about a real change.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

When10am – 4pm, Saturday 9 September

Where: Walkerville Town Hall, 66 Walkerville Terrace, Gilberton

Tickets: $110 ($80 concession). Booking website

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