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Around You

Find out what's happening in your area. Go to: www.aroundyou.com.au

Children's centres

Provide care, education, health, community development activities and family services for families and their young children. Each Children's Centre is tailored to meet the needs of the local community. For families and their young children aged from birth to eight years of age. Run by the Department for Education & Early Childhood Development.

Tel: +61 8 8226 1755  
Email: childrenscentres@sa.gov.au

Community centres

Community centres offer a range of activities and programs for local people. Find local community centres and houses

Free computer access

Find out where free internet, computer and training resources are available (some restrictions apply)

  • Coober Pedy Visitor Information Centre
    Hutchinson Street, Coober Pedy
    Tel: +61 8 8672 4617
    Email: info@opalcapitaloftheworld.com.au
  • Mintabie Telecentre and Postal Agency
    Main Street, Mintabie
    Tel: +61 8 8670 5000 
    Email: mintabie.telecentre@bigpond.com
  • Open Access College School for the Air
    59 Power Crescent, Port Augusta
    Tel: +61 8 8642 2077
  • Port Augusta Visitor Information
    Wadlata Outback Centre, 41 Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta
    Tel: +61 8 8641 9193
    Email: info@wadlata.sa.gov.au
  • Yunta Telecentre
    c/o Post Office Barrier Highway, Yunta
    Tel: +61 8 8650 5099
    Email: yuntel@bigpond.com

Also available at local council offices and libraries.

Health Services Finder

A free online directory of useful information about private and public health related services in SA. Find your local health service


  • Coober Pedy Hospital, Lot 89 Hospital Road Coober Pedy
    Tel: +61 8 8672 5009
  • Port Augusta Hospital, 71 Hospital Road, Port Augusta
    Tel: +61 8 8648 5500
  • Woomera Hospital, Dewrang Avenue Woomera
    Tel: +61 8 8673 7788

Humanitarian Settlement Services

You can find out more about services in your area via the Department for Immigration's interactive map of settlement services for humanitarian entrants.


Various information is available at local libraries, often in other languages.

Local and District Councils

Local and district councils provide a range of services for those resident in their council area.

Office of Consumer and Business Services

Consumer and Business Services

Provides services and information to the general public on:

  • Consumer Affairs (includes Product Safety)
  • Business and Occupational Services (includes Business Names,
  • Associations and Co-operatives, Licensing)
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Tenancies (includes Residential, Retail, Bonds and support to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal)

9 Mackay Street, Port Augusta
Tel: 131 882

Shared resources

Many Sa government owned resources can be used for free or a small fee by voluntary organisations and community groups.

  • Disability SA (Kadina)
    4a Draper Street, Kadina
    Facilities and resources available: Small meeting room, tea and coffee facilities, kitchen, toilets and street parking.
    Tel: +61 8 8821 0200
  • Disability SA (Port Augusta)40 Flinders Terrace, Port Augusta
    Meeting room, large boardroom table and chairs, kitchen, tea and coffee facilities, and street parking.
    Tel: +61 8 8648 8686
  • Families SA (Coober Pedy)Hutchison Street, Coober Pedy
    Conference room and photocopier.
    Tel: +61 8 8672 4509
  • Families SA (Port Augusta)5 El Alamein Road, Port Augusta
    Conference room and U-Turn facility.
    Tel: +61 8 8648 5071
    Email: judith.hamilton@dcsi.sa.gov.au
  • SA Schools and Preschools
    Various locations
    Government schools and preschools across the state have a wide variety of facilities and resources available for use by volunteer organisations. These can include facilities like meeting spaces and ovals. To find out more about what's available in your community, contact your local schools' Principal/Director. You can find all the locations and contact details for schools in your local area by visiting the Department of Education and Child Development
  • Children Youth and Women's Health Services: Friends of Child and Family Health BranchesVarious locations
    A range of resources are available for use by volunteer organisations.
    Tel: +61 8 8303 1544
    Email: Lynne.whitcher@health.sa.gov.au
  • TAFESA Campuses offer a variety of resources to volunteer organisations for a special discounted hire price such as Classrooms and Conference/Board rooms
    Coober Pedy Campus: Hutchinson Street, Coober Pedy
    Port Augusta Campus: 9-39 Carlton Parade, Port Augusta
    Roxby Downs: Richardson Place, Roxby Downs
    Email: roombookings@tafesa.edu.au