Limestone Coast

Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)

TAFE SA English Language Services (ELS) delivers the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) across South Australia. Classes are full-time or part- time, day or evening. In addition, students can study by Distance Learning, privately with e-learning modules or with a volunteer home tutor who visits for two hours per week.

For humanitarian entrants and migrants aged 18 years and above with less than 'functional English'. Check eligibility at TAFE SA English Language Services, Level 5, 127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide. Run by TAFE SA English Language Services.

Tel: +61 8 8226 6555. Eligible students must register within the first six months of arrival in Australia. Entry to classes may occur only in the first two weeks of each school term.

At: TAFE SA campuses in Mount Gambier and Naracoorte

For more information about the AMEP, visit the Department of Social Service's interactive map of settlement services.

Around You

Find out what's happening in your area.

Children's centres

Provide care, education, health, community development activities and family services for families and their young children. Each Children's Centre is tailored to meet the needs of the local community. For families and their young children aged from birth to eight years of age. Run by the Department for Education & Early Childhood Development.

Tel: +61 8 8226 1755

  • Mount Gambier Children's Centre, Mulga Street, Mount Gambier
    Tel: +61 8 8725 7375

Community centres

Community centres offer a range of activities and programs for local people. Find local community centres and houses.

Cultural Awareness Training

Community development training for humanitarian entrants who have been in Australia for less than five years. Run by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre.

At: 13 Eleanor Street, Mount Gambier 
Tel: +61 8 8725 2753

Disability Rights Advocacy Service

Disability Rights Advocacy Service

Advocates for people with disabilities and their family members and carers For disabled people, especially those from other countries and people who may not speak or read English well.

  • MALSSA (Head Office – Adelaide), Tel: +61 8 8351 9500
  • Free call from South Australian country areas, Tel: 1800 816 720
  • Telephone Interpreter Service, Tel: 13 14 50
  • National Relay Service, Tel: 13 36 77 or 1800 555 677
  • Email:

South East Disability Advocacy Service, 71 Suttontown Road, Mount Gambier
Tel: +61 8 8723 6002

Free computer access

Find out where free internet, computer and training resources are available (some restrictions apply)

  • Beachport Branch Information Centre, Millicent Road, Beachport
    Tel: +61 8 8733 0903
  • Lady Nelson Visitor and Discovery Centre, Jubilee Highway East, Mount Gambier
    Tel: +61 8 8724 9750
  • Millicent Visitor Information Centre, 1 Mount Gambier Road, Millicent
    Tel: +61 8 8733 0904
  • Mount Gambier Community Centre, 22 Ferrers Street, Mount Gambier
    Tel: +61 8 8723 0540
  • Naracoorte Community Centre, 80 Ormerod Street, Naracoorte
    Tel: +61 8 8762 2388
  • Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre, 36 MacDonnell Street, Naracoorte
    Tel: +61 88762 1399
  • Port MacDonnell Rural Transaction Centre, 5 Charles Street, Port Macdonnell
    Tel: +61 8 8721 0425
  • Robe Visitor Information Centre, Mundy Terrace, Robe
    Tel: +61 88768 2465

Also available at local council offices and libraries.

Health Services Finder

A free online directory of useful information about private and public health related services in SA. Find your local health service.


  • Millicent and District Hospital, Mount Gambier Road Millicent
    Tel: +61 8 8733 0100
  • Mount Gambier and Districts Health Service, 276-300 Wehl Street North, Mount Gambier 
    Tel: +61 8 8721 1200
  • Naracoorte Health Service, 101 Jenkins Terrace Naracoorte 
    Tel: +61 8 8762 8100

Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS)

On arrival casework services and community development and participation programs for individuals and families and their new and emerging communities

Provided by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre of SA

  • Limestone Coast Migrant Resource Centre (LCMRC), 13 Eleanor Street, Mount Gambier
    Tel: +61 8 8725 2753 
  • Naracoorte Migrant Resource Centre, Naracoorte TAFE SA Campus, 19 Gordon Street
    +61 8 8762 8300

You can find out more about services in your area via the Department of Social Service's  interactive map of settlement services for humanitarian entrants.


Immunisation for all adults and children is provided by General Practices. Find your local health service.

Immunisation for children is also provided by:

Inclusive Directions

Assists childcare services to respond to the needs of all children in their care, particularly those with refugee status and those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Various information is available at local libraries, often in other languages.

Local and District Councils

Local and district councils provide a range of services for those resident in their council area.

Naracoorte Volunteer Resource Centre

Promotes volunteering opportunities around Naracoorte. For people living in the Naracoorte Lucindale area.

Run by Naracoorte Lucindale Council
At 80 Ormerod Street, Naracoorte
Tel: +61 8 8762 2388

Office of Consumer and Business Services

Consumer and Business Services

Provides services and information to the general public on:

  • Consumer Affairs (includes Product Safety)
  • Business and Occupational Services (includes Business Names,
  • Associations and Co-operatives, Licensing)
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Tenancies (includes Residential, Retail, Bonds and support to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal)

11 Helen Street, Mount Gambier
14 Butler Street, Naracoorte
Tel: 131 882

Shared resources

Many SA Government owned resources can be used for free or a small fee by voluntary organisations and community groups.

  • Families SA (Limestone Coast)9 Elizabeth Street, Mount Gambier
    Offers a Conference room.
    Tel: +61 8 8735 1733
  • SA Schools and Preschools
    Government schools and preschools across the state have a wide variety of facilities and resources available for use by volunteer organisations, such as meeting spaces and ovals
    To find out more about what's available in your community, contact your local schools' Principal/Director. You can find all the locations and contact details for schools in your local area by visiting the Department of Education and Child Development website.
  • Children Youth and Women's Health Services: Friends of Child and Family Health Branches
    Various locations
    A range of resources available for use by volunteer organisations including facilities like meeting spaces
    Tel: +61 8 8303 1544
  • TAFESA Offer a variety of resources to volunteer organisations for a special discounted hire price - 50% off the usual hire fee – such as Classrooms and Conference/Board rooms.
    Bordertown Campus, Naracoorte Road, Bordertown
    Millicent Campus, Mount Burr Road, Millicent
    Mount Gambier Campus, Wireless Road West, Mount Gambier
    Naracoorte Campus, 19 Gordan Street, Naracoorte