North and North Eastern suburbs

Burundi Choir

A choir for people of Burundian origin held in Elizabeth.

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Children's centres

Provide care, education, health, community development activities and family services for families and their young children. Each Children's Centre is tailored to meet the needs of the local community. For families and their young children aged from birth to eight years of age. Run by the Department for Education & Early Childhood Development

Tel: +61 8 8226 1755

Community centres

Community centres offer a range of activities and programs for local people. Find local community centres and houses.

Health Services Finder

A free online directory of private and public health related services in SA. Find your local health service.

Homework clubs

After-school homework clubs for high school students of refugee backgrounds. Run by the Australian Refugee Association


Modbury Hospital, Smart Road, Modbury
Tel: +61 8 8161 2000

Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS)

On arrival casework services and community development and participation programs for individuals and families and their new and emerging communities. Provided by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre of SA

At: Northern Area Migrant Resource Centre, 28 Mary Street, Salisbury
Tel: +61 8 8217 9509  


Immunisation services for all adults and children.

Kilburn Community Centre

The Kilburn Community Centre is a hub providing multiple spaces and opportunities for local residents and friends. It is a place where people can attend and/or hold regular, on-going activities that benefit the community. Activities and programs include: hobbies, art and craft, sport and recreation, health and wellbeing, education and dance.

At: 59 Gladstone Avenue, Kilburn
Tel: +61 8 8405 6730


Various information is available at local libraries, often in other languages. Find your nearest library

Local and District Councils

Local and district councils provide a range of services for residents in their council area. Find your local council

Northern Suburbs Housing Community

Provides long-term, affordable, secure rental housing to elderly people. Rent is the same as for public housing. For residents of Prospect and the inner area of Port Adelaide and Enfield who are aged 55 years or over and don't own a residential property, are on a low income, have limited assets, are of reasonable health, can demonstrate their need for housing and are willing to be involved in the organisation.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community

Tel: +61 8 8344 9011

Paradise Community Care

Provides emergency relief assistance, recreational events, pastoral care, youth support and respite care.

Paradise Community Care

At: 59 Darley Road, Paradise
Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
Tel: +61 8 8336 0066

Personal counselling

Family counselling, individual counselling and financial counselling on sexual concerns, domestic and family violence, separation, HIV and Hepatitis, post adoption, problem gambling. Available at Ridgehaven and Salisbury. Run by Relationships Australia (SA)

Tel: +61 8 8223 4566 / 1300 364 277 / 1800 182 325

Salisbury Youth Enterprise Centre (Twelve25)

Resources for volunteers and young people, including free computer and internet access and IT training. Run by City of Salisbury Council

At: 17 Wiltshire St, Salisbury
Tel: +61 8 8405 8555 

Sexual Health Advice

Free, confidential Sexual Health Clinics and Counselling for all new arrivals. Run by SHine SA.

Open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (please phone for appointment)
Tel: Sexual Health Information: 1300 883 793

At: 43 Peachey Road, Davoren Park, Tel: +61 8 8256 0700
At: GP Plus, 1 Gilles Crescent, Hillcrest: Tel: +61 8 8300 5300

The Food Centre

The Food Centre provides low-cost groceries for people on low incomes. Customers should bring a healthcare or pension card or other proof of low income.

At: Shop 5, 580 Main North Road, Gepps Cross
Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm
Tel: +61 8 8262 7345


Supports the coordination and delivery of learning activities for adults, designed to help them to make successful transitions to vocational education and training and the achievement of post-school qualifications.

Women's health and safety

Well Women's Clinics run by nurses, midwives and senior medical officers. Focused on screening, assessment and education to improve women's health and safety and the protection of children. Clinics focus on gynaecological problems and risks; women's safety at home; counselling; group programs on body image, healthy eating, improved health and safety outcomes, mindfulness and multicultural carers. All services (including female interpreters) are free of charge with a Medicare card.

Run by Women's Health & Safety (SA Health)
Tel: +61 8 8444 0700
At: Elizabeth GP Plus Health Care Centre, 16 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
At: Gilles Plains GP Plus Super Clinic, 1 Gilles Crescent, Gilles Plains

Youth Leadership Program

Skills training and development, supporting young people to achieve their potential as leaders, community advocates, role models and mentors for other young people in their communities. Run by the Australian Migrant Resource Centre of SA

At: Northern Area MRC, 28 Mary Street, Salisbury
Tel: +61 8 8283 0844